Pedro Sarmento
Chief Research Officer

Pedro Sarmento is a researcher at NOVA Cidade Urban Analytics Lab. He holds a PhD in Information Management Geographic Information Systems (GIS) by NOVA Information Management School of Universidade Nova de Lisboa and previously he obtained an MSc in Science & Geographic Information Systems by the same institution and a graduation in Biophysics Engineering from the University of Évora.

His main research areas are related with smart cities, GIS and remote sensing. Beside his previous work in private and public institutions working in GIS and remote sensing projects, he has a rich background in research, having published several papers in peer review journals related with the production and accuracy assessment of land cover maps derived from aerial and satellite images. Currently he analyses spatial data and manage projects, developing research and technical work in projects that explore the potential of data science and GIS and promote social, economic and environmental well-being at city, regional and national level.

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