G20 Circular Cities Conference
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G20 Circular Cities Conference

The G20 Circular Cities Conference aims to stimulate a reflection on how to accelerate the circular economy transition through coordination across levels of government. In particular, the Conference will aim to respond to the following questions:

What are the enabling conditions to accelerate the circular economy in cities?
What are the main obstacles cities are facing in transitioning towards a circular economy?
How national governments can help further accelerate the transition in cities?


12h00-12h15 Opening Remarks
12h15-13h00 Circular economy in cities: The state of play
13h15-14h00 Circular economy in cities: Putting framework into practice
14h00-14h30 Learning from G20 members’ experiences
14h30-14h45 Paper presentation “OECD Policy guidance on a more resource efficent and circular economy”
14h45-15h00 Conclusions and next steps

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