UCD Lab Project: Lisbon Conference
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UCD Lab Project: Lisbon Conference

The NOVA Cidade – Urban Analytics Lab, a NOVA Information Management School lab, would like to invite you to participate in an Urban Analytics Deep Dive Workshop that will be held in Lisbon, Portugal between 9 – 11 February 2022.

This co-creation workshop is grounded in the research and results of the Urban Co-Creation Data Lab project, in which we addressed the following five challenges of Lisbon:

  • #1 Micromobility
  • #2 Waste management
  • #3 Parking
  • #4 Pollution
  • #5 Emergency

The workshop begins with an urban safari through the streets of Lisbon to experience the challenges. On the second day we will present the main results of project Urban Co-Creation Data Lab and facilitate a discussion about the personal experiences collected during the urban safari. In the morning of the last day, the workshop will brainstorm and debate in a design thinking sessionto assess interventions and innovations that could be carried out in Lisbon, and other cities, to improve the efficiency of the urban planning and management.

The Urban Co-Creation Data Lab project, upon request, will cover the travel and accommodation expenses within the remaining available budget (the support will be given in a “first served” base until the exhaustion of the funds).

Please confirm your participation (and the request for support) as soon as possible and no later than 26 January to [email protected]

Looking forward to meeting you in Lisbon.

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