Miguel de Castro Neto

NOVA IMS Dean, Coordinator of NOVA Cidade – Urban Analytics Lab

Ana Mouro Gomes

Executive Manager

Pedro Sarmento

Chief Research Officer

André Barriguinha

Chief Operating Officer

Nuno Falcão Alpalhão

Data Scientist

Bruno Jardim

Data Scientist

Luis Neto

Controller and Finance Expert

Ann-Kathrin Heinrich

Knowledge Management & Business Intelligence Officer

Miguel Pires

Territorial Intelligence & GIS Intern

Lourenço Martins

AR Developer/Data Scientist (to be)

Nuno Sousa

Urban Planner

Dinis Araújo

Blockchain Developer

Duarte Rodrigues

Business Intelligence Specialist

Ian Scott

Blockchain Scientist

Alexandre Baptista

Knowledge Management & Business Intelligence Officer

Manuel Dias

Data & AI Ambassador

Fátima Trindade Neves

Open Data and Smart Cities Expert

Fernando Maia

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Expert

João Sousa Rego

Urban Planning Expert
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