Urban and/or Territorial Intelligence are two of the areas of activity of NOVA Cidade – Urban Analytics Lab.

This intelligence, resulting from digital transformation, has given us the means to create new governance models, in which, taking advantage of technology, we have managed to change the governance models – namely, the planning and management of cities and / or a territory.

Urban Intelligence

Urban Intelligence is also the result of digital transformation and has given us the means to create new models of governance in cities, in which, taking advantage of technology, we have managed to change the models of governance – namely, planning and management of cities.

Urban intelligence as a public policy is a “roof” that involves areas ranging from energy efficiency, to water, waste management, to monitoring pollution levels and road traffic. Areas where technology today has the potential to solve problems more efficiently and save resources.

Territorial Intelligence

Territorial Intelligence is based on methodologies and tools, which aim to help the mobilization of entities and information, to support sustainable development. These methodologies combine territorial information systems with the mobilization of participants to work as a group in order to create information and subsequently transform it into action.

Nowadays, more than ever, we are witnessing a consolidation of the idea that the territory and its correct planning and enjoyment are, simultaneously, a right and an obligation for all, built by all and for all. For this to be effectively a reality, it is essential to have a correct model of territorial development, integrated and collaborative, associated with a proactive, flexible and capable of adapting to social, economic and environmental dynamics, thus constituting an indispensable tool for cohesive, sustainable and inclusive development.

At NOVA Cidade – Urban Analytics Lab we believe that the only limitation to the creation of new products and services of urban and territorial intelligence is creativity and that we are able to transform data into useful information for the desired cohesive, sustainable and inclusive development.

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