Artificial Intelligence & Data Science for Public Administration Portugal Innovation Hub (AI4PA Portugal)

The AI4PA Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) aims at optimising public policies in the various areas of governance by promoting innovative digital solutions, based on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

The objective of the Hub is to support the digital transformation of public administration through the use of Artificial Intelligence and other innovative technologies with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of public policies and the quality of public services, as well as empowering central, regional and local public administration and SMEs offering digital solutions tailored to the needs of the State.

The support to the digital transformation of national and European public administrations, will be based on six strategic areas:

  1. Optimising policies in the various areas of governance, based on Artificial Intelligence and the promotion of innovative technological solutions;
  2. Improving the quality of services with the involvement of citizens and businesses;
  3. Assessing the social impacts and ethical implications of technologies, including Artificial Intelligence;
  4. Increasing the digital skills of public authorities and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) providing services to them;
  5. Disseminating best practices and reusable solutions, both national and international;
  6. Improving governance for the digital transformation on the various scales of State intervention.


The Campolide 2021 Challenge was launched by the borough of Campolide (Junta de Freguesia de Campolide – JFC) as the final project for the Smart and Sustainable Cities undergraduate course during the 2021 spring semester of NOVA IMS. It challenged the students to design data-driven solutions to a real urban scenario, with access to key stakeholders with the community, data provided by the local governing body, and open data regarding the city of Lisbon. Students were tasked not only with the application of smart concepts but to design interventions that were immediately implementable within the available resources of JFC, with a high potential impact on the community. 10 groups of students pitched their final projects to the President and Innovation Department of Junta de Freguesia of Campolide, the most promising of which was recognized and considered for further development and implementation.

See the results here.

This type of project is an excellent opportunity for the students at NOVA IMS to gain actual and practical experience in applying data science directly to their community. They can collaborate directly with the instructors on complex intervention design, draw on the resources of the NOVA Cidade lab, interact directly with community leaders, and deploy meaningful solutions to urban challenges. Want to know more about our upcoming courses? Get in touch!

The Campolide2021Challenge is also an opportunity for community leaders, local businesses, and activated citizens to harness the creativity and motivation of university students as they tackle actual challenges facing our communities. Are you interested in becoming a partner of the lab and deploying your own project as a future challenge to our students? Get in touch!

For further information please visit the Campolide 2021 Challenge Hub.

Summer Schools

NOVA Cidade – Urban Analytics Lab organizes regular summer schools, in partnership with the most respected international academic and scientific programs, which include MIT Portugal and Carnegie Mellon Portugal, and in close and active collaboration with the most diverse stakeholders, both public and private, from universities to companies or municipalities. Summer schools, designed to provide training in subjects related to the areas of urban intelligence and analytics and open data and contribute to the improvement of governance and urban environments.


Augmented Cities | MIT Portugal C -Tech Summer Camp!

From 4 to 9 July 2022, a summer camp organized by NOVA Cidade – Urban Analytics Lab is held at THE NOVA Information Management School of UNL.

A summer camp hosted by NOVA Cidade – Urban Analytics Lab where you will have an hands-on learning experience in augmented reality and participate in the MIT Portugal C-Tech project (Climate Driven Technologies for Low Carbon Cities) challenge to develop a real smart sustainable city AR application in a team project using Unity and Hololens 2. The winning team will receive a prize of €1,500.

Don’t miss this opportunity and sign up until June 24th!

Additional information is available at Augmented Cities Summer Camp.


Summer schools 2020

Usually awarded funding from FCT – Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology for several Research Initiation Scholarships and Research Scholarships for the participants of each edition.


Today, the importance of urban intelligence in the construction of cities is an unquestionable reality.

The Post-graduation in Smart Cities aims to prepare professionals capable of participating in the construction of analytical cities, through the development of innovative solutions for the collection, processing and analysis of city data that promote better governance of them in parallel with citizenship more active and participatory.

For more detailed information, click here or contact us: [email protected].

Advanced Training

You can study with highly qualified researchers / technicians and benefit from the excellent technical skills and data sources we have. Our training is designed for professionals or students in the exact sciences and social sciences and can be made to measure and customized according to their interests.

For more information about our training courses, contact us: [email protected].

Tailored Training

NOVA Cidade – Urban Analytics Lab organizes dedicated training programs in the areas of urban intelligence and analytics and open data. The available programs are structured in conjunction with the various actors present in the territory and adapted to the specific needs and characteristics of each organization.

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