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Crypto Summer by BEE2WASTECRYPTO

Blockchain & Crypto Currency for Waste Management Master Class

Crypto Summer School Closure

The Summer School took place in the context of the Bee2Waste Crypto CMU Portugal project where, for 12 weeks, young, licensed and/or masters students, worked on a process of ideation in co-creation, aiming to generate new solutions, using blockchain and cryptocurrencies, able to leverage behavior changes in the context of urban solid waste through its positive discrimination in a model capable of generating and managing value creation, namely through PAYT and Digital Wallets models, in a holistic approach to the entire value chain.


10:00 – Abertura da Sessão

  • Pedro Saraiva (Diretor NOVA IMS)
  • Nuno Nunes (Diretor CMU Portugal)
  • Miguel de Castro Neto (Coordenador Crypto Summer School)

10:30 – Bee2Waste Crypto CMU Portugal

  • Paulo Fernandes (Future COMPTA e Coordenador Líder do Projeto Bee2 Waste Crypto)

10:45 – Summer School Groups Presentations

  • Waste2Block – A WAYT Blockchain solution to incentivize recycling
  • BitBin – Creating coins that help the earth

11:45 – Envisioning the future

12:00 – Encerramento

Group photo

12:30 – Lunch by Bee2 Waste Crypto Project

Full video of the session available here.

Filipe Ferreira, Equipa Waste2Block
Rafael Rezende, Equipa BitBin
Pedro Saraiva, Diretor NOVA IMS
Ian Scott, Team Leader of the Bee2Waste Crypto Project
Afonso Falcão, Equipa Waste2Block
Larissa Schroeder, Equipa BitBin
Francisco Nascimento, Equipa BitBin
Miguel de Castro Neto, Subdiretor da NOVA IMS, Coordenador da NOVA Cidade e Coordenador Crypto Summer School
Catarina Urgueira, Equipa Waste2Block
Joana Silva, Equipa Waste2Block
Débora Freire, Equipa BitBin
Paulo Fernandes, Future COMPTA e Coordenador Líder do Projeto Bee2Waste Crypto
Manuel Amaral, Equipa Waste2Block
Tiago Pratas, Equipa Waste2Block
Diogo Barros, Equipa BitBin

Blockchain & Crypto Currency Training



Framing Bee2WasteCrypto Vision



Blockchain & Crypto Currency for Waste Management Master Class

Crypto Summer Opening Session


Registration until 11:59pm (Lisbon time), July 15th

Applications until July 15, 2020 for Crypto Summer by Bee2WasteCrypto, a summer school within the Bee2WasteCrypto project, one of the 10 projects selected by the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program (CMU Portugal).

From July 20, 2020 and for 12 weeks, participants will attend a higher education course in blockchain and cryptocurrencies and work on a co-creation ideation process to generate new solutions for urban solid waste management (MSW), capable of leveraging behavioral changes through their positive discrimination in a model to generate and manage the creation of value, namely through PAYT and Digital Wallet models, in a holistic approach to the life cycle of solid urban waste.

The Bee2WasteCrypto project is led by Compta in partnership with NOVA Information Management School, Instituto Superior Técnico, and 3drivers, and it aims to create an innovative platform, using blockchain and cryptocurrency technology for MSW management.

Registration for the Crypto Summer by Bee2WasteCrypto is open until July 15, 2020, at 11:59 pm, with a Motivation Letter of a maximum of 500 words and a brief Curriculum Vitae of a maximum of two pages.

Among those enrolled in the course, 12 participants will be awarded a Research Initiation Grant (BII) or a Research Grant (BI), in the amounts of €412 and €798 per month, respectively, in accordance with paragraphs 3 and 4 of Appendix I of the FCT Scholarship Regulation (available at, under “Verão com CIência” (“Summer with Science”) – FCT’s special support to “Summer Schools” in Polytechnic Institutions and Universities in the summer of 2020, with presential activities by students, teachers and researchers, including innovative solutions associated with the Economic and Social Stabilization Program, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. Blockchain & Crypto Currency for Waste Management Master Class
    Framing Bee2WasteCrypto Vision by COMPTA, CMU, IST, NOVA IMS, 3Drivers
  2. Team Prep
    Immersion in the Bee2WasteCrypto CMU Portugal project, creation of teams and presentation of the development methodology of Crypto Summer School
  3. Blockchain and Crypto Currency Training
    Advanced blockchain and cryptocurrency training program. This program will have the support of NOVA Crypto Club (NOVA IMS student club dedicated to the theme blockchain and cryptocurrencies).
  4. Team Work
    The constituted teams will develop the established work plan supported by the Lusideias platform (COMPTA’s co-creation platform and previously used in joint innovation acceleration projects, such as NOVAnalytics Accelerator –
    Each team will be accompanied by a thematic tutor (from one of the project partners) and by a scientific tutor (selected from one of the research partner institutions of the project). This process will have supervisors and will be coordinated by the PIs of the two higher education institutions involved (Paulo Ferrão – IST and Miguel de Castro Neto – NOVA IMS) and also supervisors of the Bee2WasteCrypto scientific team (both those identified in the project and those meanwhile contracted).
    At the end of each week and in an agile development approach, the teams will have to present progress reports to all summer school participants and project partners in order to obtain feedback and contributions to continue the work.
  5. Public Pitch Competition
    At the end of the summer school there will be a public presentation of the results of the work developed by the teams. This event will take place on October 6th, preceded by a coaching session of the teams the day before.



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