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Smart City Expo World Congress, Barcelona 2023

SCEWC23 – This will be the Century of the City

A New Urban Era is emerging

The huge challenges ahead for cities are changing the paradigm of urban planning, putting collaboration, ethical technology, the common good, environmental issues and people’s needs at the center of every agenda.

Smart City Expo 2023 will be the largest to date, and aims to showcase the smart solutions shaping this new era and helping cities to thrive and create safer, greener and more efficient urban spaces. It will be a unique showcase of proven solutions that accelerate a human-centered smart urban revolution.

Cities are more alive than ever. And it’s time to go beyond dreams and inspiration.

Smart City Expo World Congress, Barcelona 2022

SCEWC22 – Cities Inspired by People

Leonardo Da Vinci was known for walking around with his notebooks writing and drawing things as they came to him. For Isaac Newton, it was when an apple fell that things made sense. Inspiration seems to be something that occurs spontaneously and therefore cannot be planned.

But the Smart City Expo World Congress, believes that inspiration is an expression of ideas that make our best possible in our environment. As such, inspiration is linked to creative people and meaningful connections.

Only people can provide cities with a new reference point of what is possible. People change the city. Cities are transformed through people. The city is the people !!!

With alarming environmental footprints and a persistent health crisis, it is now more than ever necessary to reflect on how cities can do their part to make the world a better place, to see which measures work well, which don’t, and how to get new ideas to prepare for challenging times.

Smart City Expo World Congress de Barcelona 2021

Smart City Expo World Congress

2021 marked the return of the Smart City Expo World Congress to a face-to-face format in Barcelona.

This was also the year in which the largest global event dedicated to smart and sustainable cities and territories celebrated its 10th Anniversary, under the slogan “Time to reignite the urban revolution!”.

An opportunity to learn at the Fair about the best practices of cities and regions that globally lead this revolution and at the Congress, focused on eight thematic areas: Enabling Technologies, Energy & Environment, Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress, Governance, Living & Inclusion, Economy, Infrastructure & Buildings, and Safety & Security. Additionally, we will have a day dedicated to visiting and getting to know the strategies of the entities that have been placing Barcelona at the forefront of global urban intelligence, with the program prepared with the support of the Consulate General of Portugal in Barcelona and the local AICEP delegation.

Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona 2020 – Side Event

Portugal Smart Nation: The story of how one nation can go global

Discover how Portugal is harnessing research and innovation to build and deploy smart and sustainable cities. This session will explore the main changes in the Smart Portugal ecosystem.

Portugal, a country on Europe’s Atlantic coast, is now a global player in innovation, and attraction of investment and talent. Against a backdrop of booming entrepreneurship, the country has been placing research & innovation as cornerstones for building smart and sustainable cities, while meeting citizens’ needs and addressing the climate emergency.

This Side Event will present how the Smart Portugal ecosystem is leading the way in smart city solutions today and emerging as a global player. The session will start from the notion of city platforms as enablers of urban, data-driven innovations and showcase flagship case solutions in key sectors such as mobility and tourism.

Join us and be part of Portugal’s smart transformation.

Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona 2019

The Smart Cities Section of the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities (ANMP) in partnership with NOVA Cidade – Urban Analytics Lab of NOVA Information School and with the support of the Consulate General of Portugal in Barcelona, were on April 20 and 21 at SMARTCITY Expo World Congress, in Barcelona, with a delegation of Portuguese mayors.

The delegation included representatives at the highest level of the Municipalities of Águeda, Caldas da Rainha, Funchal, Guarda, Guimarães, Lagoa, Loures, Murtosa, Oeiras, Pinhel, Santarém, Seixal, Sintra and Viseu and according to Almeida Henriques, Vice-President of ANMP, “The joint visit of the different Portuguese municipalities gives visibility to the prominence of Portugal in the area of Smart Cities and allows not only the knowledge of innovative solutions to be applied in Portugal, but also the sharing of good practices between municipalities.”

The 2019 edition had the theme “Cities Made of Dreams”, establishing as its mission “Empower cities and generalize urban innovation worldwide. Promoting social innovation, the establishment of partnerships and the identification of business opportunities, this event bets on the creation of a better future for cities and their citizens around the world”.

Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona 2018

A delegation of representatives from several Portuguese municipalities visited the Smart City Expo World Congress, which took place between 13 and 15 November in Barcelona. In an initiative organized by the Smart Cities Section of the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities (ANMP) and by Nova IMS, the national officials made a point of visiting the stands of Portuguese companies and getting to know the latest solutions made in Portugal.

The purpose of this visit was not only to get to know the latest solutions, but also to seek inspiration for the next edition of the Portugal Smart Cities Summit, which should take place next year, at Parque das Nações. In ANMP’s plans, there is also another Smart Cities Tour, whose start is scheduled for next December, and whose mission is to help Portuguese municipalities to adopt the concept of urban intelligence.

Between those who are more advanced in this matter and those who are having their first contact with smart city projects, “we have a three-speed country”, said Almeida Henriques. For the mayor, the development of Portuguese territories in this regard runs into two main difficulties that deserve urgent attention: digital cohesion, with a part of the country where there is still no access, and the absence of a national strategy for the sector. “We need a Ministry of Cities,” admitted the officials.

In the entourage, besides Viseu, also followed representatives from Faro, Guimarães, Vila Nova de Famalicão, Torres Novas, Oeiras, among others, who visited the stands of national companies Compta, Extruplás, Ubiwhere, Wavecom, and international giants such as Huawei, NEC and Deloitte, where the municipality of Cascais is highlighted.

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