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On this page, you can access some of the dashboards developed for the different partners of NOVA Cidade – Urban Analytics Lab and which we share with the public here.

COVID-19 Insights

The COVID-19 Insights platform presents prospective indicators to support decision making by the business community, the academic community and the general public.

The project integrates multiple variables representing different economic, social and epidemiological aspects, which are analyzed using advanced analytical methods.

COVID-19 Insights provides information, updated daily – or weekly, for some indicators – on the international situation, the situation in Portugal, economic analysis (soon available), risk index, mobility and epidemiological models.

All indicators are available both in absolute and in relativized terms of the population of the several countries.

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State of Urban Intelligence in Portugal

Analyze and publicize the state of investment in urban intelligence in Portuguese municipalities.

Designed with PowerBI technology and with the collaboration and important contributions of 49 members of the Section of Municipalities “Smart Cities”, located from north to south of the continental territory and in the Autonomous Regions.

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LX Open Trees

Lisboa Aberta - EMEL

LX Analytics Hub Project

The LxAnalyticsHub innovation project arises from the need demonstrated by the Firefighters Department to have a solution that allows them to predict the best disposal of their resources in order to optimize the response time to occurrences.

To answer to this challenge, the Lisbon City Council promoted a partnership with SAP, Microsoft, NOVA IMS – Information Management School, ISEL – Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa and Altice, to which each entity contributed with the availability of some of its best human and technological resources.

With the collaboration of these entities, an analytical model was developed using predictive analysis algorithms, aiming to provide information that allows the positioning of the Firefighters Department operational means to be adjusted, in order to comply with a response time to events not exceeding 5 and 10 minutes.

The analytical model used the following data sources:

  • historic of Firefighters Department occurrences;
  • meteorological information from IPMA stations;
  • traffic conditioning;
  • traffic status;
  • positioning of Altice’s mobile devices.

It was possible to test the predictive analytical model developed by NOVA IMS data scientists and supported on a datalake created and structured by ISEL, using Microsoft technology.

Given the great potential shown by the model, it is expected to be integrated into the Lisbon Intelligent Management Platform and made available to the Fire Departmnet for support in the daily operation of the teams.

Lisboa Inteligente / Smart Lisbon

In this project, the Lisbon City Council intends to publicize the work of the municipality in the development of initiatives that contribute to the transformation of the municipality into a smart city.

The project aims to contribute to the development of a management culture based on data, integrated, proactive, which promotes efficiency, transparency, innovation and the development of new services to the citizen.

The portal developed within the scope of this project, allows people to have knowledge about what the municipality is developing regarding smart cities.

This portal also contains all the municipal initiatives that the municipality will launch within the scope of smart cities.

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