Open Data

Open data are data that can be freely used, reused and redistributed by anyone – subject, at most, to the requirement of source attribution and sharing by predefined rules.

The NOVA Cidade – Urban Analytics Lab has been developing digital platforms at the level of cities or regions, based on an Open Data Policy that allows a methodological approach to implement an information organization policy produced by the public administration for distribution to population.

This Open Data Policy is linked to the digital transformation of procedures and methodologies. The qualitative leap is in the digital transformation that induces procedural changes that make public decision based on information collected in real time and involving the citizen possible. This data can be used, modified and shared by anyone for any purpose. In the case of urban intelligence, open data strategies allow cities to aim to achieve four key objectives: transparency; participation; improved services and efficiency gains; and economic development.

But for that usage one must comply with a set of rules:

  • Availability and Access: data must be available as a whole and at a cost no greater than a reasonable cost of reproduction, preferably with the possibility of being downloaded over the Internet. The data must also be available in a convenient and changeable format.
  • Reuse and Redistribution: data must be provided under terms that allow reuse and redistribution, and the combination with other data sets.
  • Universal Participation: everyone must be able to use, reuse and redistribute – there should be no discrimination against areas of activity or against people or groups. For example, ‘non-commercial’ usage restrictions that would prevent ‘commercial’ use, or usage restrictions for certain purposes (eg: educational only) exclude certain data from the ‘open’ concept.

Dados Abertos Defesa +

Cooperation Protocol between SGMDN and NOVA IMS, signed within the scope of the “Projeto Data Abertos Defesa+”, approved under application no. POCI-05-5762-FSE-000286 under notice no. 02/SAMA2020/2019 ( Support System for Public Administration Modernization and Training (SAMA 2020), to support the development of various activities under the theme of Open Data.

The Protocol has as general objectives:

  • Planning, support in the definition of requirements and specifications of the various components of the project and control of the development of the system to be implemented;
  • Definition of the open data management model, methodology and policy;
  • Monitoring and support in the technical-scientific validation of the work developed under the project in terms of implementation;
  • Ensure the implementation process for the use of open data sets and the development of digital content;
  • Evaluation of project results.

The project “Open Data Defense+” aims to:

  • Improve public access to statistical data relevant to National Defense (DN) activity in an open, integrated, coherent and automated manner, allowing for their treatment and analysis in terms of management and investigation;
  • Respond to society’s growing call for a better understanding of the National Defense sector, which can be enhanced by sharing unclassified (public) data in an open format;
  • Ensuring access to public data, without restrictions on use, bringing countless benefits to various groups and sectors of society, including the business and academic communities, contributing to a policy of proximity to the population and transparency, encouraging citizen involvement in Defense matters and, ultimately, contributing to industry performance and better service delivery;
  • Ensure the availability of data that can be downloaded, used, modified and shared, promoting transparency and reinforcing the development of a culture of data dissemination
Lisboa Aberta

The city of Lisbon has an open data portal where citizens, companies, researchers and programmers can find a wide range of data.

Lisboa Aberta is a free and open portal for sharing data produced by the Lisbon City Council and the partner entities of the Lisboa Aberta program, with the aim of enhancing citizen participation, encouraging the reuse and sharing of data, stimulating the entrepreneurship and innovation.

Cascais Data

The open data portal of the Cascais City Council aims to promote a culture of disseminating data and information in public management, with a view to building an ecosystem of reuse and adding value to the data in the development of innovative solutions.

The Cascais Data is the access point for downloading data that the set of municipal entities produces and makes public, which it is intended that in the future other entities will join, sharing the information they produce about the municipality of Cascais.

Rural Dados / Rural Data

The specific needs of the National Observatory for Biological Production and the National Observatory for Desertification made it possible to seek the adoption of a strategy for the development of a common data infrastructure that would support the construction of online monitoring tools for evolution indicators for each of the Observatories.

To achieve this goal, it was necessary to develop an information management process, aiming to achieve the objectives of each Observatory, which, although different, are partially complementary, based on the creation of a common data infrastructure, the open data portal Rural Dados.

This initiative allows not only to ensure compliance with the provisions of the powers of the two Observatories mentioned above, but also to provide the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Forests with a data infrastructure that can easily be reused and extended to other purposes / sectors with a high potential for creating positive externalities.

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