C-Tech Summer School

C-Tech MIT Portugal Summer School


Registration until 17:00 (Lisbon time), June 26 (next Friday)

C-Tech MIT Portugal Summer School had a call for expression of interest to apply for FCT individual studentship support under the Verão com Ciência call, launched by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and the General Directorate of Higher Education (DGES).

“C-Tech – Climate Driven Technologies for Low Carbon Cities”, is a MIT Portugal Program project, led by NOS, Tecnico-Lisboa (IST), CEiiA, NOVA IM, Lisboa eNOVA and MIT, and funded by ANI and FCT. C-Tech aims at developing new scientific models and components for an integrated urban modeling platform that holistically considers building energy use and resident mobility and thus provides the foundation for a range of derivative third-party services. The services will include walkability and public transportation apps, building retrofitting advice for homeowners, integration strategies of grid-scale and building-scale renewable power generation, and urban-level carbon-emission reduction scenarios.

The C-Tech MIT Portugal Summer School intends to involve young people at researching, developing and pilot-scale a digital smart city platform for urban modelling and planning which, based on a three-dimensional representation of the city and its combination with multiple data from different data sources (from domains such as weather, energy and water consumption, mobility and, most of all, user’s behavior as determined by their mobile phone use), will allow to simulate scenarios regarding energy-efficiency of buildings, green structures, creation and urban mobility, empowering local authorities to identify and tackle specific environmental issues, overcome the global challenge of decreasing urban carbon footprint and fostering the transition to a net-zero ecosystem.


  1. Master Classes: Smart and Sustainable Cities
    Framing C-Tech vision by NOS, MIT, IST, CeiiA, NOVA IMS, Lisboa eNOVA
  2. Field Trip
    Immersion in the specific realities of each project partner and their role in C-Tech
  3. Urban Safari
    C-Tech pilot geographical area safari and visit to key stakeholders
    Working teams definition, challenges and working plan
  4. Hacking the Challenge
    The teams will develop the working plan established in the previous point. Each team will have a specific theme / challenge, and will be mentored by a thematic tutor (one of the C-Tech partners) and a scientific tutor (selected from one of the research partner institutions of the project).
  5. C-Tech MIT Portugal Workshop
    Public presentation of C-Tech MIT Portugal Summer School results



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