Luís Neto

Controller and Finance Expert

Luís Ferreira Neto holds a Degree in Business Management and Administration from the Portuguese Catholic University and has also attended the Executive Program – Business Taxation Program, at the same University.

With about 28 years of professional experience, Luís Ferreira Neto began his career at Fima/Lever as “Product Manager”. Still at Fima/Lever, he started as a “Financial Controller” and since then he has held positions in the financial area.

In addition to accumulating the responsibility of “Financial Controller” in several companies, he was also managing partner of a real estate company where two projects were executed.
He was also Director, Member of the Board of Directors, and Sole Director of several companies in Portugal, Holland, and Poland.

He is a certified accountant and currently provides financial and administrative support to various entities in the non-profit sector.

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